I’m pleased to announce the participation of 610FILM at MIPTV 6-6 April 2022.

We will be presenting three award winning documentaries:

Adam Fuss, A Landscape of Imagination
Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche
Monk Arsenije

Another exiting news regarding our projects:

Monk Arsenije is doing exceptionally well in the festival run. Over fifteen international awards since the beginning of the year and around another 20 nominations.

Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche has just gotten another recognition for exceptional achievements at MDIFF. So far over 26 international recognitions for this exceptional documentary. We just launched www.saintclaircemin.net– design Konstantin Klima, our long-time talented collaborator.

Our short film, Laura Kaplan, Love is All that Matters has been invited to submitt to two film festivals, one in Spain Snow Leopard International Film Festival and another GGIFF in France.

Adam Fuss, A Landscape of imagination is now on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alandscapeofimagination/

PRIZMA is in negotiation with 610FILM over digital distribution and we will keep you posted about launching of one of our documentaries in Cannes 17-25th May 2022 during Marche du Film.